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This is the home page for Regalia, a discussion and idea list for OZ.  Regalia is the direct heir of two semi-scholarly Oz discussion lists:  The Ozzy Digest, 1997-2000; and Nonestica, 2000-2004.  The primary focus of discussion, while wide-ranging and eclectic, is what Sherlockians would call “Playing the Game.”  That is, dissecting and analyzing the Canon as if it were real.  In Sherlockian circles, therefore, one presumes that the Canon is exactly what it says, the memoirs of one John H. Watson, M.D.

In an Ozian context, we act as if the books of the Canon are histories recorded by multiple Royal Historians of the Marvelous Land of Oz.  The forty books of the Canon, known as the Famous Forty, or FF for short, companion stories from the Borderlands of Oz, and a few stories from the “Apocrypha,” have so far generated a million words of discussion, and there seems no prospect of an end.  To review some of the previous discussions, check into the BCF Archives, below.  “BCF” stands for “Books of Current Focus,” as explained on the index page.

Membership in the list is open to anyone.  Join it at http://lists.pumperdink.org/mailman/listinfo/regalia.

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Books of Current Focus discussion archives are to be found at Go to the BCF The BCF Page. Boq Aru’s Go to Tir Nan Oz Oztology and Ozish Pages [“The hypothesis is that there is an underlying rationale of Oz and that furthermore Oz is at the supporting, conceptual level a Gaelic speaking fairy paradise, Tir nan Og, (pronounced tay nan oz) running on Chinese fairy metaphysics as interpreted by a Theosophist.”], Ozish and Oztology pages.

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