54. A New Wonderland or The Magical Monarch of Mo

1 March 2006

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L. Frank Baum, Frank Ver Beck
I dare say there are several questions you would like to ask at the very beginning of this history.

  1. [Regalia] Mo & quake upcoming events    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  2. [Regalia] mo    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  3. [Regalia] bobbs-merrill, mo    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  4. [Regalia] wizard & mo    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  5. [Regalia] Re: iron giant    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  6. [Regalia] Re: dragon hunting    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  7. Re: [Regalia] Re: dragon hunting    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  8. [Regalia] THE MAGICAL MONARCH OF MO    From: AGannaway7 at aol.com
  9. [Regalia] giants & dragons & others    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  10. [Regalia] electric mo    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  11. Re: [Regalia] electric mo    From: Scott Hutchins <scottandrewhutchins at yahoo.com>
  12. [Regalia] Fwd: Mo and Maetta    From: Utc61 at aol.com
  13. [Regalia] Re: MO villains    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  14. Re: [Regalia] Fwd: Mo and Maetta    From: Scott Hutchins <scottandrewhutchins at yahoo.com>
  15. [Regalia] maetta & mo villains    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  16. [Regalia] just so mo    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  17. [Regalia] mo-ography    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  18. [Regalia] geographical ps    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  19. Re: [Regalia] THE MAGICAL MONARCH OF MO    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  20. Re: [Regalia] mo-ography    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  21. [Regalia] Im-Mo-rtality    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  22. Re: [Regalia] Im-Mo-rtality    From: Scott Hutchins <scottandrewhutchins at yahoo.com>
  23. [Regalia] more mo    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  24. Re: [Regalia] more mo    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  25. [Regalia] 47/42    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  26. Re: [Regalia] 47/42    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  27. [Regalia] fits & starts    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  28. Re: [Regalia] fits & starts    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  29. [Regalia] 6s & 7s    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  30. [Regalia] Mo miscellanea    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  31. [Regalia] mo notes    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  32. Re: [Regalia] mo notes    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  33. [Regalia] Re: Regalia Digest, Vol 20, Issue 22    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  34. Re: [Regalia] Ruler and kingdom names    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  35. [Regalia] mo names    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>


001 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Mo & quake upcoming eventsFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

002 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] moFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

003 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] bobbs-merrill, moFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

004 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] wizard & moFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

005 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: iron giantFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

006 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: dragon huntingFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

007 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] Re: dragon huntingFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

008 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] THE MAGICAL MONARCH OF MOFrom: AGannaway7 at aol.com

009 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] giants & dragons & othersFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

010 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] electric moFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

011 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] electric moFrom: Scott Hutchins <scottandrewhutchins at yahoo.com>

012 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Fwd: Mo and MaettaFrom: Utc61 at aol.com

013 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: MO villainsFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

014 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] Fwd: Mo and MaettaFrom: Scott Hutchins <scottandrewhutchins at yahoo.com>

015 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] maetta & mo villainsFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

016 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] just so moFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

017 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] mo-ographyFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

018 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] geographical psFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

019 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] THE MAGICAL MONARCH OF MOFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

020 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] mo-ographyFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

021 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Im-Mo-rtalityFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

022 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] Im-Mo-rtalityFrom: Scott Hutchins <scottandrewhutchins at yahoo.com>

023 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] more moFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

024 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] more moFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

025 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] 47/42From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

026 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] 47/42From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

027 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] fits & startsFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

028 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] fits & startsFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

029 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] 6s & 7sFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

030 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Mo miscellaneaFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

031 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] mo notesFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

032 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] mo notesFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

033 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: Regalia Digest, Vol 20, Issue 22From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

034 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] Ruler and kingdom namesFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

035 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] mo namesFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

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