55. Dot and Tot of Merryland

1 June 2006

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L. Frank Baum, W.W. Denslow
You should have seen Dot as she nestled among the cushions of the carriage on her way to the railway station with her father and her governess, Miss Bombien.

  1. [Regalia] dot and tot    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  2. [Regalia] Thoughts on DOT AND TOT    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
  3. [Regalia] D/W, D/T, bookhunting    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  4. Re: [Regalia] D&T and RPT    From: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>
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  6. [Regalia] d&t (cont)    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  7. [Regalia] Feline Headwear    From: Alan Wise <alanmacwise at yahoo.com>


001 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] dot and totFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

002 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Thoughts on DOT AND TOTFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

003 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] D/W, D/T, bookhuntingFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

004 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] D&T and RPTFrom: "Nathan DeHoff" <fablesto at gmail.com>

005 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: Regalia Digest, Vol 23, Issue 7From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

006 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] d&t (cont)From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

007 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Feline HeadwearFrom: Alan Wise <alanmacwise at yahoo.com>

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