50. The Rundelstone of Oz

1 August 2005

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Eloise McGraw, Eric Shanower
IN THE EMERALD CITY, in one of the charming little gardens of the royal palace, Princess Ozma, the fairy ruler of the Land of Oz, was having tea with two of her ladies-in-waiting.

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  22. [Regalia] technology in oz    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>


001 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] mcgraws' influences?From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

002 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] mcgraws' influences?From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

003 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] mcgraw influences, oz measurements, catch-up readings, newsnotesFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

003 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: RUNDELSTONE sourcesFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

005 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] Re: RUNDELSTONE sourcesFrom: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

006 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] dwj, marconi, ozmapolitan, bugle, rundelstoneFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

007 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] rundelstone, central oz, doublesFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

008 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] Various RUNDELSTONE mattersFrom: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

009 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] courtiers, animals, drinks, etc.From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

010 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] courtiers, animals, drinks, etc.From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

011 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] GillikinsFrom: David Hulan <dhulan at wideopenwest.com>

012 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Location, location, locationFrom: Alan Wise <alanmacwise at yahoo.com>

013 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: RUNDELSTONE settingFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

014 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: Various RUNDELSTONE mattersFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

015 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: RUNDELSTONE courtiersFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

016 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Rundelstone Poco's POVFrom: Alan Wise <alanmacwise at yahoo.com>

017 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] subverting fantasy, rundelstone detailsFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

018 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] subverting fantasy, rundelstone detailsFrom: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

019 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] Re: RUNDELSTONE point of viewFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

020 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] which books for discussion?From: Joe Gardner <hermiemunster at yahoo.com>

021 [Return to index] Subject: Re: [Regalia] which books for discussion?From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

022 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] technology in ozFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

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