44. Yankee in Oz

25 October 2004

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Ruth Plumly Thompson, Dick Martin
"THINK it will rain?"

  1. [Regalia] yankee in oz    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  2. RE: [Regalia] yankee in oz    From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>
  3. [Regalia] yankeeing    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  4. [Regalia] tompy's end run    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  5. [Regalia] YANKEE (not the eliminated kind)    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  6. [Regalia] Comments    From: David Hulan <dhulan at wideopenwest.com>
  7. RE: [Regalia] YANKEE (not the eliminated kind)    From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>
  8. [Regalia] more intersections    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  9. [Regalia] YANKEE remarks    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  10. [Regalia] YANKEE where Oz iz    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  11. [Regalia] southey, directions, unique scarecrow    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  12. [Regalia] YANKEE and other Oz books    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  13. [Regalia] wackajammian    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  14. RE: [Regalia] directions, unique scarecrow    From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>
  15. [Regalia] YANKEE go home    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  16. [Regalia] YANKEE palace    From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>
  17. [Regalia] magics    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>
  18. RE: [Regalia] magics    From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>
  19. [Regalia] jinnish magic & stout art & hny    From: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>


001 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] yankee in ozFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

002 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] yankee in ozFrom: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

003 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] yankeeingFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

004 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] tompy's end runFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

005 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] YANKEE (not the eliminated kind)From: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

006 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] CommentsFrom: David Hulan <dhulan at wideopenwest.com>

007 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] YANKEE (not the eliminated kind)From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

008 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] more intersectionsFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

009 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] YANKEE remarksFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

010 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] YANKEE where Oz izFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

011 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] southey, directions, unique scarecrowFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

012 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] YANKEE and other Oz booksFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

013 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] wackajammianFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

014 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] directions, unique scarecrowFrom: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

015 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] YANKEE go homeFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

016 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] YANKEE palaceFrom: "J. L. Bell" <jnolbell at earthlink.net>

017 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] magicsFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

018 [Return to index] Subject: RE: [Regalia] magicsFrom: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <xornom at hotmail.com>

019 [Return to index] Subject: [Regalia] jinnish magic & stout art & hnyFrom: "Ruth Berman" <berma005 at umn.edu>

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